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How Many Hangers You Need For Your Shop

If you’re wondering how many boutique hangers you need for your store you have come to the right place!

If you are opening a retail store we can help you estimate approximately how many wooden boutique hangers you will need for your stores hanging space!

Wooden Hangers are perfect boutique hangers because they will enhance your store displays  & make your clothes look amazing hanging on them. This will invite customers to spend time looking through the clothes because they will look organized & attractive & not overwhelming to the eye. Research proves that everything sells better on a wooden hanger!

It is actually very simple to find out how many boutique hangers your need for your shop.

Just read the example below & enter your own measurements to find out!

Note: The hanger numbers below are for hanging clothes that are neatly arranged boutique style, with a loose one finger gap in between each hook.

To calculate how many boutique hangers you need for your store follow these instructions below!

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Woman’s Clothes:

  1. Measure your shops lineal hanging space. (how long are the hanging rods)
  2. You need approximately 16 boutique hangers per foot. 
    1. This measurement is for boutique style hanging not hangers that will be crammed really close together.
  3. For bulky jackets you will probably only be a able to fit about 12 or 13 hangers per foot.
  4. Women’s suits15 or 16 hangers per foot.

Men’s Clothes:

  1. Mens shops use  approx. 15 or 16 hangers per linear foot.
  2. Use your judgment!
    1. If you are hanging  only t-shirts you can fit —  17 – 18 hangers per foot.
    2. Hanging bulky suits, jackets or pants — 14 or 15 per foot.
    3. Hanging dress shirts or collared shirts — 15 – 16 hangers per foot.

T-Shirt Shop:

  1. 17 or 18 hangers per foot

Circular Racks (48 x 3.142 = 150 in)

                             (36 x 3.142 = 150 in) 

And you thought you would never use Pi in the real world!

  1. 48″ circle equals 12 1/2 ft of hanging space = approximately 201 hangers
  2. 36″ circle equals 9 1/2 ft of hanging space = approximately 150 hangers


Now you know how many boutique hangers you need in your shop, go order! 

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