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How to Boost your Brand & Sales with Custom Logo Hangers

Custom logo hangers will boost your brand!

It’s all about the little things that set us apart from the competition in business. Custom logo hangers branded with your company logo is a simple and easy way to boost your brand and sales! 


1. Give your customer the hanger with the outfit!

Your customers will love getting a beautiful wooden hanger along with the outfit that they purchased. As a bonus, every time they look at that beautiful new outfit hanging in their closet they will see your logo on your custom logo hanger reminding them of your wonderful store. They will remember your store for that special little touch, and keep coming back for more. 

 2.   Wooden hangers make your stores clothes & your shop look better

Display is everything! You hang your photos in the prettiest frames, why not display your clothes on the prettiest hangers? The wooden hanger gives you the image that you care about and invest in your store. You pay attention to detail and think about quality throughout the store, down to the hanger.

Wooden hangers allow the clothes to hang in a manner that shows them off & doesn’t leaving them drooping or stretched funny, like they would on plastic or wire hangers.

A boutique full of clothes hanging on beautiful wooden hangers, complete with your custom logo, gives your shop a beautiful classic & finished look. The customers get an improved atmosphere, and see your clothes presented in the highest level.  This in return creates more sales and more loyal customers.

3. Personalization is the cherry on top!

We get it, we run a business too. You are constantly thinking of what you can do to improve your image, to please your customers, to stand out among competition and to be bigger and better every day! You want to go above and beyond for your customers. Well, you are our customer and we want to go above and beyond for you!

You have put in the hours, the days, the months, even years, designing your clothes and store. Your work is your masterpiece, let us help you display it perfectly. By putting your personal logo on your high quality hangers, you are putting the cherry on top. It shows pride and dignity in your store, pulls together the atmosphere with elegance, and is a constant reminder to your customer what store they are falling in love with!


Lets chat, we are ready to go above and beyond for you, just as you want to go above and beyond for your customers.