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How Many Hangers You Need For Your Closet

If you’re wondering how many hangers you need for your closet you have come to the right place!

Almost all of our first time buyers UNDERestimate how many hangers they need for their closets. It might surprise you to find out how many hangers you actually have in your own closet!

Do you think 300 hangers sounds like a lot? Go count the hangers in your closet and then come back ūüôā We think you will be surprised.

There is actually a simple way to find out how many hangers your need for your closet. Just read the example below & enter your own measurements to find out!

Note: The hanger numbers below are¬†for hanging clothes¬†that are neatly arranged with a loose one¬†finger¬†gap in between. We also gave you hanger numbers¬†for those of¬†you who don’t mind having clothing¬†pushed close together as¬†this will allow you space for more hangers!

To calculate how many hangers you need for your closet follow these instructions below!


  1. Measure your closets lineal hanging space. (how long is the hanging rod)
  2. You need approximately 16 hangers per foot.
    1. If you are not going for the neatly spaced boutique look, then you can get about 17 to 18 hangers per foot.
  3. For bulky jackets you will probably only be a able to fit about 12 or 13 hangers per foot.


  1. Mens closets use  approx. 15 or 16 hangers per linear foot.
  2. Use your judgment!
    1. If you are hanging  only t-shirts you can fit 17 Р19 hangers per foot.
    2. Hanging bulky suits, jackets or pants — 14 or 15 per foot.
    3. Hanging dress shirts or collared shirts 15 Р16 hangers per foot.

Now you know how many hangers you need in your closet, go order! 

Check back soon to find out measurements for boutiques & retail store clothing wracks!