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Meet The Wooden Hanger Direct Family

As our very first blog post I thought I would start by telling the story of how we started and introduce the Wooden Hanger Direct Family! Family, after all, is the driving force behind building this business and I am fortunate enough to have their support working along side me! God is good!

I am Jeff Morrison, the creator of Wooden Hangers Direct, happy husband and father of six crazy awesome kids (now seven since my oldest daughter was recently married)! We live in Lake Guntersville, Alabama with our golden retriever, Marley, and our cat Lucy who thinks she is twice the size of Marley and if you asked Marley she would agree!

Wooden Hangers Direct started  by accident seven years ago in 2008. We have grown over the years to become one of the leading suppliers of wooden hangers to homes retail and commercial buyers!

I founded American Lumber and Plywood, a lumber brokerage company,  in 1999.  We buy and sell lumber by the truck load everyday. One day I got a call from a trader friend asking if I could do anything with eight shipping containers of wooden hangers (800,000 hangers).

Having never bought or sold wooden hangers I said no, but after some thought,  I contacted a customer that manufacturers wire hangers and offered them the wooden hangers. A few days later, after seeing samples, they agreed to purchase the whole lot! Simple right? Well…

I called my friend back and purchased the hangers. The next day I called our customer to see when they wanted delivery, and disaster struck. My customer, even though they had committed to buy,  backed out.  I knew I could not renege on the purchase I had already made. So I ended up stuck with 800,000 wooden hangers having no idea what to do with them.

After several weeks of stress, work and sleepless nights we began to sell them on eBay and Amazon and our newly designed website. From those desperate beginnings, Wooden Hangers Direct evolved into the company we are today. God works in mysterious ways because it turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Have we made mistakes along the way? Oh yes, about every conceivable one!  Manufacture errors, color errors, print errors, moisture issues, labeling issues, packaging issues, delays at the ports, you name it.

The learning curve was quite steep but we made it through with hangers we are proud to say are ours. Could we have done it without dedicated insightful employees? No way. They continue to help make things possible every day.

One of the most amazing blessings that owning this business has brought is how it has bonded our family! My wife and every one of the kids has had a hand in helping with our business whether it was helping attach shipping labels to boxes, packaging the hangers or working on the customer service side!

It truly has become a joint family effort to grow and expand this company and as a result we have all grown closer as a family!

So without further ado, here are the faces that help make everything happen!

My wife Brandy and me,

Wooden Hangers Direct

My three daughters from youngest to oldest: Olivia, Abbie Grace and Victoria. My sons from youngest to oldest: Cooper, Eli, Preston and my son-in-law AJ who recently married my oldest daughter Victoria!

Wooden Hangers Direct

Snow day in Alabama

Wooden Hangers Direct

Wooden Hangers Direct